Welcome to MBA Careers Office. The Careers Office connects LBS MBA talent and employers (both global and local) and provides avenues for on-campus recruiting as well as networking events.


A crucial part of the MBA programme at Lagos Business School is your participation in career related activities. This includes workshops on CV and cover note writing, enhancing networking opportunities, developing job hunting skills, industry and company presentations and a host of others. Through our company presentations as well as other careers events, you would interact with top executives from both global and local organizations.


We would be glad to assist you with information on new opportunities for yourself as well as talent sourcing for your organization Networking opportunities also exist through our numerous Alumni events.


The Careers Office offers several opportunities to interact with and recruit top quality LBS MBA talent. Student-Led Activities (SLAs) provide a platform for you to come in closer contact with our students and in addition to other recruiting activities, Company Days for select organisations, foster close relationships between you and our students.

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